Thank you so much for expressing interest in being in one of my group photography shoots.   The next group project that I am working on is going to be on Saturday, April 16th, 2022, here at my studio in Andover, MA from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Shoot photo shoot will begin at 10:30 AM for please try to arrive no later than 10 AM.  The shoot is expected to be done by 2 PM.

The shoot will be an all-MALE cast that will pose in a variety of different ways that will be both artistic and intimate.  You will be posing in both a studio setting as well as in both a bedroom and livingroom location.

No alcohol or controlled substances including marijuana are allowed. If I feel that you are under the influence of any substance you will be asked to leave. 

You MUST bring:

One form of picture ID such as a passport, driver’s license, or state ID and Proof of vaccination. You will be required to read and sign a performer agreement (model release).  

Please bring:

A white jockstrap, and BDSM leather gear that you might have, as well as a pair of blue jeans.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in working with me for this project. I hope you have fun and enjoy the experience.

As a member of the group, you will get all the finished shots, color corrected and edited for you to use as you wish.   

If you are available on April 16th and would like to be a part of this photo shoot, please CLICK HERE to sign up and be a part of this amazing opportunity.